Double room (19m²) with bathroom. This room faces the mountain Gorbea.

Gorbea is the tallest and most emblematic mountain in the Basque Country, and from there, the name of Itxina (340m), a small sub-Karst mountain that was declared a Protected Biotope in 1995. Itxina has the same essence as Gorbea, a place where nature and mythology go hand in hand to convert the landscape into a magical place, full of mysteries, secrets, and natural treasures.

The Cross of Gorbea is located on the summit of Gorbea, which is strategically situated between Alava and Biscay. In the Itxina room, it is commemorated with a popular zortziko (song) that was written by R. Urquijo in 1915, and with a trikitixa, a traditional Basque instrument.

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