A room of 22m² with a bathroom adapted for persons with any type of disability. The room owes its name to the mountain which can be seen from it, Peñalba or Montengero. It is a large and spacious room decorated with images of red roses. The room is designed for a family with one or two children.

Montenegro, (Black Mountain) or Peñalba, is the tallest peak in the city of Artzinega, and one of the most characteristic of the Aiala Valley (692m). One of the most well-known and emblematic places in the area is located on one of its slopes: The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Oak, a gothic style temple remodeled at the end of the 16th century.

Montenegro, as the fishermen called it, was used as a visual reference for the boats that were approaching the land, since many times it was the only thing they could see from the sea. Its original vegetation, which could be categorized as Cantabrian oaks, gave the mountain a darker coloration than the surrounding mountains, which earned it the name Montenegro.

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: Peñalba