Liquid design

The web page was designed using relative units and was set up in such a way that the flow of the page follows a coherent order for reading it, in case screen readers that do not work with CSS pages are used.

Font size

In the same manner, all font sizes and other elements of the website have been implemented by relative units, being able to zoom in or out using the browser's configuration. This option can be enabled with the following shortcuts:

  • Internet Explorer : CTRL and Mouse Scroll
  • Mozilla Firefox : CTRL and Mouse Scroll, Control and - or CTRL and +.
  • Opera: CTRL and Mouse Scroll, CTRL and - or CTRL and +.
  • Netscape: Control y - o Control y +.
  • Safari: Command and - or Command and +.

Keyboard shortcuts

Some shortcuts have been included to facilitate quick access to key features of the different websites. Overall, the combination of the key "Alt" with another one (of the following list) will take us to a specific option. The key “Alt” is on PCS; Mac computers have an action key (normally close to the spacebar) functioning in the same way.

Only works with Internet Explorer.

  • Direct access to homepage: alt+1 ┘
  • Direct access to contact: alt+7 ┘
  • Direct access to shortcuts and accessibility settings: alt+0 ┘

In firefox use tabulator to move through links.