The House

The Garabilla Landetxea, which owes its name to the neighborhood of the same name in the town of Llanteno, in the heart of the Aiala Valley, was constructed as a tower-house in the 17th century by the Diego family. In the beginning, the farmhouse consisted of the house and stable. Later, as the need arose, the various amenities were constructed in such a way that the farmhouse became completely self-sufficient. In the 20th century, the farmhouse was made up of the house, stables, oven, barn, water deposit, laundry room, sheds, cabins and barbershop.

Currently, the Garabilla Landetxea maintains its original structure but has been adapted for the needs of recent tourists.


The house is surrounded by mountains and vegetation. Because of this, each room honors the mountain that it looks upon by sharing its name. The house is also situated on the Northern route of the Camino del Santiago, because of which, the house’s symbol is a walker-pilgrim.

All of the rooms in Garabilla are adapted for people with disability, without architectural barriers, with adapted baths, signs in Braille, as well as acoustic and illuminated signals.

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