The house is located at the top of a hill, surrounded by mountains and in a strategic location in line with Mendieta Tower, on the Northern route of the Camino del Santiago. Nearby, they have found the ruins of an old pilgrim hospital.

The house is 1.5km from Artziniega, a well-conserved medieval village with three streets that form an almond. The village has three important buildings: the Ortiz de Molinillo Tower, the Convent of the Anguished Mothers, and the parish church Our Lady of the Ascension. There are three museums: the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Sacred Art, and the Santxotena Museum. Also part of the city are Mendieta Tower, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Oak, and the medieval hamlet of Retes de Tudela, with its mountain, Peñalba.

As we are in the heart of Aiala, we belong to the Quejana Monumental Group, and nearby we can find the Castro de Peregaña, and in the foothills of the Sierra Salvada, small hamlets like Menoio, which is more than 900 years old, the church of Añes with its façade, and Maroño Lake. All of these villages, which total 24, form the Valley of Aiala to which we belong.

We are located in an area of abundant plant and animal life, where the visitor can watch deer and eagles, among other animals. The Herrerías River runs through the grounds and visitors can enjoy its pools, many of which are perfect for swimming.

Visitors can also enjoy the many diverse mountain paths, of all styles, difficulties, and distances, including the Gorbea Mountain, which can be seen from one of the rooms in Garabilla Landetxea. They can also find the source of the Nervión River and visit Mount Santiago with its habitat for vultures.

The city of Orduña and the village of Balmaseda, both of which belong to the province of Biscay, protect us on both sides and are both approximately 15km away.

Other nearby sites of interest include: Bilbao (30km) with the Guggenheim Museum, the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, the Biscay Bridge and many other points of interest, the Artium Museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz (60km), and San Sebastian-Donostia (75km) and its seashell-shaped beach.

Thousands of visitors come to Artziniega on the last weekend in August to celebrate the Medieval Market. Citizens decorate the old part of the city and people with clothing from the time period relive a market from long ago.

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